Making it easier for businesses everywhere to hear customer voice

Our Story

At Essense, we were founded on a fundamental belief that every business in the world can truly become customer-obsessed. And that when you follow the customer, everything else follows.

But we know from firsthand experience, that it's easier said than done. Despite every company claiming to prioritize customers, the reality is that it is too time consuming & expensive to gather and analyze the voice of the customer, and so its done sporadically, and typically only by large companies.

Today, we stand at a historic juncture. With the advent of large language models (LLMs), we now have the opportunity to bring about a paradigm shift in how we analyze user voice. At Essense, we want to do for user voice data what Google Analytics did for weblogs- make it very easy for anyone to understand their customers.

Our vision is to give every small business, startup, or enterprise the power of a real user, customer, or market research team - something that was previously only available to big companies. With Essense, you have the tools to not just listen to your customers, but truly understand them, acting on insights that can help shape the future of your product, and ultimately, your business. Together, we can make every voice count, and every product or service better. That's the Essense difference.

Our Values

We are nimble

We move fast, like our customers and their users. We focus on the key elements that drive maximum impact without any fluff or jargon.

We are customer obsessed

Customer obsession is ingrained in our roots as a company. We listen to our customers and always focus on maximizing value to our customers.

We’re humble

The more we learn, the more we know how much we don’t know. That’s why we never stop learning, listening to our customers’ feedback and striving to be a little better every day.

We’re cutting edge

To capture and analyze the vast amounts of data we look at, we have to embrace the most advanced technologies out there. Our promise to our customers is to always be at the forefront of their customer intelligence stack, and deliver the most accurate results - from sentiment analysis to competitive intelligence.

Our core team

We've worked on various applications of AI & NLP for more than fifteen years at both startups and enterprise companies, and now we are bringing all the wealth of experience to Essense

Luda Domakhina


Dmitry Smirnov


Eugene Sokhransky