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June 1, 2023
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Before G2 was founded in 2012, choosing business solutions was a lengthy and risky process. G2 became the first platform for peer-to-peer software reviews, allowing professionals to share their experience with each other and make faster buying decisions with a lower risk of failure.

In this article, we’ll explain why SaaS companies should collect G2 reviews and discuss how you can analyze your G2 feedback and turn it into actionable insights for your business.

What Is G2 Software Review Platform?

G2 is an online platform that specializes in business software reviews. It allows users to search and compare different software solutions across a wide range of categories, including marketing, customer service, project management, HR, and many others.

The platform provides detailed product profiles, user reviews, ratings, pricing information, and other relevant data to help buyers make informed decisions when choosing software.

For the vendors, G2 serves as a source of real user feedback that can lead to a better understanding of customers' needs and expectations. Vendors can also directly respond to the reviews and interact with their customers on the platform.

How Does G2 Review Platform Work?

Every business and reviewer has to complete a thorough verification process, so both buyers and vendors can be sure they are seeing real verified feedback. To create a profile and leave reviews on G2, you need to sign up with your LinkedIn profile or work email. When you want to submit a review, you will also be asked to provide a screenshot to prove that you have used the software you're about to review.

Why Collect And Analyze G2 Reviews?

Nowadays, you can hardly find anyone who would book a hotel or make a dinner reservation without checking the reviews first. Most purchases we make are influenced by online reviews or recommendations from someone we know.

B2B marketing is no different. Word of mouth is crucial, especially when it comes from competitors and industry leaders. Instead of wasting your time on demos and trials, you can just check your peers' reviews, learn from their experience, and make an informed decision.

When it comes to software reviews, G2 is the go-to, top-of-mind platform for most businesses. By 2023, G2 has accumulated over 2 million unique user reviews, making it the largest tech review website in the world. Getting recognized by G2 is something a business can be truly proud of. Check out the winners of G2 Best Software Awards 2023, and you’ll find many of them proudly using their G2 badge as social proof.

How To Leverage G2 Software Reviews?

Product Management

Qualitative feedback is essential for a user-centric product roadmap. With G2, you can be sure you’re getting detailed, objective, and verified user feedback. You can gain a better understanding of what customers are looking for, what problems they face, and how your product can better meet their requirements. With this knowledge, you can make informed product decisions, generate ideas for new features or improvements, and achieve product-market fit.

Competitor analysis

Since all G2 reviews are public, you also have access to your competitors’ unfiltered feedback. By examining how customers perceive your product in comparison to alternatives, you can identify areas where you have a competitive advantage and areas where you need to catch up.

Marketing & UGC

To target the right audience, you need to speak your customers' language. As a source of qualitative customer feedback, G2 reviews give you an opportunity to see how your users perceive your product, what words they use to describe it, and how it makes their lives easier.

A real positive review beats every kind of advertising, so you can also use your G2 customer testimonials as user-generated content (UGC) for your website or social media.

How To Get More G2 Reviews?

Keep your G2 profile up-to-date

Aside from letting your customer speak their minds, G2 also allows you to showcase your product in the best light. Take your time setting up your profile and update it whenever you hit a milestone, go through a major change, or get an award.

Ask for reviews consistently

Unless you ask, most of your customers won’t give you feedback. And if they do, it won’t be representative, so don’t rely on your users' initiative. Use every opportunity to ask for feedback and make reviewing as easy as possible.

Motivate and incentivize your customers

When asking users for reviews, many companies promise something in return. Some customers respond well to a thoughtful message asking them to leave feedback so that your solution serves them better in the future, others wouldn't mind leaving a review for a discount or a freebie. Think of something that would work best for your audience and start getting those reviews.

How To Analyze G2 Software Reviews?

As the most popular software review platform, G2 gets thousands of new reviews each day. Therefore, to analyze G2 reviews, you will need feedback analytics software that can handle large amounts of data. Essense is an AI-powered customer research tool that conducts customer feedback analysis using machine learning. With Essense, you can analyze thousands of G2 reviews in seconds along with reviews from other review platforms such as Trustpilot, TrustRadius, and others.

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