Analyzing Zoom Meetings with Essense

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August 8, 2023
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As a leading video communication service, Zoom allows businesses to engage in meaningful discussions with their customers and other stakeholders. With Essense, you can get the most out of your Zoom sessions, automate note-taking, and have valuable meeting insights delivered straight to your inbox.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to get a transcript from a Zoom recording, explore different ways to gather feedback through Zoom, and explain how you can analyze your Zoom sessions with Essense. 

How To Get a Transcript from Zoom Recording?

You can get a transcript from a Zoom recording by either using Zoom's built-in features or a third-party transcription app. Here's how you create a transcript in Zoom:

1. Enable cloud recording

Make sure that cloud recording is enabled in your Zoom settings. You can find this option in your Zoom app under "Account Settings" or "Meeting Settings."

2. Record the meeting

Host a Zoom meeting and ensure that you're recording it to the cloud. You can start recording using the "Record" button during the meeting.

3. End the meeting

Once you end the meeting, the recorded video will be processed and saved in your Zoom cloud.

4. Access recording in the cloud

After the recording is processed, you can access it in your Zoom under "Recordings" or "Cloud Recordings."

5. Request transcription

Click on the recorded meeting, and you'll have the option to request an automated transcription. To do that, click on the "Request" button next to "Audio Transcript."

6. Transcription availability

The automated transcription might take some time to process. Once it's done, you'll receive an email notification and will be able to access your transcript. 

If the automated transcription feature is not available in your subscription plan, you can use third-party transcription services such as Rev or Trint

Collecting Feedback Through Zoom 

Collecting customer feedback through Zoom is an effective way to engage with customers and gather valuable insights. Here's how businesses can do it:

Focus groups

Host virtual focus groups on Zoom by inviting a small group of customers to discuss their experiences, challenges, and suggestions related to your product. Organizing focus groups with diverse participants can help you gather a range of perspectives and insights on different aspects of your product. 

Webinars and Q&A sessions

To engage with your customers and improve customer experience, you can conduct webinars or workshops on relevant topics. Use Zoom's Q&A feature to encourage participants to ask questions, share feedback, and provide insights during the session.

Customer interviews

Customer interviews is a feedback collection method that allows for in-depth conversations and understanding of individual needs and preferences. With Zoom, you can easily schedule one-on-one interviews with customers across the globe. 

Product demos

Consider using Zoom to conduct virtual product demos for loyal and premium customers. Demos can help you gather valuable feedback on usability, features, and improvements, which you can use for various stages of product development, including product validation

Polls and live reactions

During Zoom sessions, you can use polls and live reactions to gather quick feedback on specific questions or topics. These features engage participants effectively and can provide instant insights for your business.

Zoom Feedback Best Practices

Here are some tips for collecting customer feedback through Zoom:

  • Screen sharing

If you're discussing specific features or designs, utilize Zoom's screen sharing to showcase prototypes, mockups, or new concepts. 

  • Recording sessions

Before recording Zoom feedback sessions, ask the participants for their consent and explain how you plan to use the recording. 

  • Accessibility feedback

If you're focused on improving the accessibility of your product, conduct Zoom sessions with users who have accessibility needs to gather their feedback

  • Personalized follow-ups

After collecting feedback through Zoom, follow up individually with participants to dive deeper into specific points and seek additional insights.

  • Leverage breakout rooms

If you have a large group, use Zoom's breakout rooms to facilitate smaller discussions and gather more detailed feedback.

Analyzing Zoom Recordings

Thanks to its versatility and a variety of engaging features, Zoom is a great platform for feedback collection and interactive discussions with customers. Zoom can be used for user-friendly product demos, in-depth interviews, or focus groups, making it a great tool for gathering qualitative feedback. 

With Essense, you can automate Zoom recording analysis and get valuable insights for your businesses in just a few clicks. Set up your Essense profile, link your Zoom account, and let Essense highlight the most important insights in your Zoom sessions. In your Essense report, you’ll be able to gauge overall customer sentiment and see customer feedback regarding different aspects of your product.

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