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June 16, 2023
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Amazon reviews can make or break your reputation. People may have different attitudes towards Amazon, but it remains one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, which makes it a valuable source of customer feedback. That’s why vendors shouldn’t just go with the flow when it comes to Amazon reviews.

In this blog post, we explain why Amazon reviews are so important, how you should deal with fake Amazon reviews, and finally, how you can analyze Amazon reviews to get the most out of customer feedback.

Why Should You Care About Your Amazon Reviews?

Along with Google reviews, Amazon reviews are one of the most popular customer feedback platforms. Even if they don't plan to make a purchase on Amazon, people go to Amazon to get an idea of whether the product is worth buying. While fake Amazon reviews are not uncommon, it is still the go-to feedback platform for many people worldwide.

Positive Amazon reviews can build trust in the company and attract new customers. Negative reviews provide sellers with valuable feedback on their products, enabling them to make improvements, address customer concerns, and close the customer feedback loop. By engaging with Amazon reviews in a polite and professional manner, you’re demonstrating your dedication to providing top-notch customer experience.

How To Write a Review on Amazon?

To write a review on Amazon, follow these steps:

1. Go to www.amazon.com and log in with your account credentials.

2. Use the search bar or browse through the relevant category to find the product you want to review.

3. On the product page, you'll find a section titled "Customer Reviews" where other customers have shared their thoughts and ratings.

5. Click on the "Write a customer review" button. This button is typically located below the existing customer reviews, near the star rating section.

6. Select the appropriate star rating that reflects your overall experience with the product.

7. Write your review in the text box provided. Share your experience with the product, including its features, performance, and quality. You can be brief or go into detail.

8. If you'd like, you can also add photos or videos to your review. This will make it more useful and trustworthy.

9. Once your review is ready, click on the "Submit" button to publish your review on the product page.

How To See Your Reviews on Amazon?

As a seller, you can access and monitor your reviews on Amazon through the Amazon Seller Central platform.

1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

2. Once logged in, click the "Performance" tab and select "Customer Feedback."

3. In the "Customer Feedback" section, you can manage your customer reviews. You'll be able to see ratings, comments, and feedback left by customers who have purchased your products on Amazon.

4. If you want to access a specific type of reviews, you can use the provided filters and sort your feedback based on the date, rating, or review format.

6. You can respond to customer reviews directly from the Seller Central platform. Engaging with customers, addressing their feedback, and quickly resolving issues will help you maintain a positive brand perception and improve customer satisfaction.

How To Get Reviews on Amazon?

Getting reviews on Amazon is essential for building credibility and trust with potential customers. Here are some strategies to encourage customers to leave reviews for your products:

Follow up with buyers

Send a personalized follow-up email after the purchase to thank customers for their support. Ask them if they are satisfied with the purchase and encourage them to share their thoughts on Amazon.

Include a thank-you card

If you’re selling physical products, include a thank-you note in the package and express your appreciation for the purchase. To get more Amazon reviews, tell the customers how much you value their feedback and include a link or a QR code to your product on Amazon.

Use Amazon's "Request a Review" feature

In Amazon Seller Central, you can use the "Request a Review" button to automatically send review request emails to customers who have made a purchase. This feature is a great way to ask for reviews in one click and reach out to customers without violating Amazon's policies.

Be active on social media

Leverage your social media platforms to promote your products and encourage customers to leave reviews. Show your customers your willingness to interact with them by posting engaging content, answering questions, and being positive about all kinds of feedback.

Join Amazon Vine

If eligible, enroll your products in the Amazon Vine program. This program allows trusted reviewers to provide honest feedback on new and pre-released products. Their reviews can help generate initial reviews and boost visibility for your products.

How To Deal with Fake Amazon Reviews?

While it is strictly prohibited by Amazon guidelines, some businesses manipulate their reviews or spam their competitors with fake negative reviews. If you notice a sudden surge in negative reviews from suspicious profiles, you might have become a victim of fraudulent Amazon reviews. Here’s how you can spot and handle them.

Monitor your reviews

Every business should regularly monitor their product reviews to identify feedback that seems suspicious. Pay attention to reviews that lack specific details, don’t include pictures, and use repetitive or exaggerated language.

Check reviewer profiles

Fake review profiles are normally easy to spot. Look for signs of suspicious activity such as a high number of reviews posted within a short period of time, lack of diverse review history, or oppositely, a large number of very negative reviews for a variety of products.

Report violations to Amazon

If you suspect a fake review, always report it to Amazon Seller Support. Provide detailed information, including the link to the review, the reviewer's profile, and any evidence supporting your claim. Amazon has systems in place to investigate and take action against fraudulent reviews, so keep a close eye on your reviews and notify Amazon if something doesn’t seem right.

Educate your customers

If you get many fake reviews on Amazon, communicate with your customers and tell them how they can identify authentic reviews and spot fakes. Provide examples and encourage them to look for verified purchases.

Use an Amazon review checker

To keep fakes at bay, you can utilize third-party Amazon review checkers specifically designed to help sellers monitor and identify potential fake reviews. They analyze various factors such as review patterns, language, reviewer behavior, and other indicators to determine the likelihood of a review being fake.

How To Analyze Amazon Reviews?

Amazon is a great source of customer feedback that can be used to gauge customer satisfaction and get actionable insights for your business. A negative Amazon ranking can have a strong effect on brand reputation, so analyzing and addressing feedback is the key to succeeding in a competitive market.

Businesses can analyze reviews manually or use software that can efficiently process large volumes of data thanks to ML and NLP techniques.

As an AI-powered feedback analysis solution, Essense can regularly scan your Amazon reviews, perform sentiment analysis, and identify product suggestions or complaints from your customers. With Essense, you can analyze several feedback sources at once and schedule regular reports, making customer feedback analysis faster and more effective than ever before.

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