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Start analyzing customer feedback with Essense and turn loads of unstructured data into actionable customer insights for your business.

3 reasons to choose Essense over UnitQ

Quick setup

UnitQ takes two weeks to understand and set up your company’s taxonomy. With Essense, there’s no waiting time. Once you create a profile and choose your subscription plan, you can start analyzing your feedback. Link your own or your competitors' feedback sources, generate instant reports, and set up recurring reports that will be delivered to you by Slack or email.

Intuitive UI
Instant insights

Easy-to-use solution

With UnitQ, it will take some time before you know your way around. While your company can benefit from a variety of features, few employees will learn to use the app to the fullest. Essense is a straightforward feedback analytics solution anyone can use. Thanks to an intuitive interface and affordable subscription plans, you can invite your teammates to use Essense and empower data-driven decision-making.

Straightforward pricing

At UnitQ, pricing on every deal is negotiated. Essense has transparent pricing and three subscription plans to choose from depending on your needs. For just $99.99, you can analyze up to 50 feedback sources and generate up to 500 reports every month. Before you make a commitment, you can test Essense for free to see if it works for you.

Transparent pricing
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