Analyzing GetApp Reviews with Essense

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August 10, 2023
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Unlike brick-and-mortar businesses, software vendors can’t collect reviews on Yelp and Google. Luckily, there are platforms like G2Capterra, and GetApp that allow professionals to share software reviews and provide vendors with valuable customer feedback.

In this blog post, we’ll present GetApp, one of the biggest software review platforms in the world. We’ll explain how to set up a GetApp vendor profile, why businesses should analyze GetApp reviews, and how you can analyze GetApp reviews with Essense.

What Is GetApp?

GetApp is a platform for users to discover, compare, and review software applications and services. It's essentially a marketplace where businesses and individuals can find information about different types of software solutions, such as project management, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, accounting, human resources, marketing, and more.

On GetApp, users can browse through a wide range of software categories, read reviews from other users, compare features, pricing, and ratings of different software options, and make informed decisions about which software solution best fits their needs. 

GetApp provides vendors with a platform to showcase their products, gather verified customer feedback, and interact with user reviews. That makes GetApp a valuable source of customer data that businesses can use to optimize customer experience and improve product offerings. 

Setting Up a Vendor Profile on GetApp

Here's how you can create a vendor profile on GetApp: 

1. Go to the GetApp website (www.getapp.com).

2. Look for the “For vendors” bar in the bottom right-hand corner of the website. If you don’t have a profile yet, you can create one by clicking on the “Get listed” button. If you have a profile, click on “Your account” and log in with your credentials. 

3. Fill out the required information to create your vendor account. This includes details about your company, contact information, and a description of your software products or services.

4. You may be asked to verify your vendor status. This could involve confirming your email address, providing company information, or going through a verification process.

5. After your account is created and verified, you will be directed to a vendor dashboard. This dashboard will be your hub for managing your software listings, responding to reviews, updating information, and accessing various tools provided by GetApp.

6. Once you're on your vendor dashboard, you can list your software products or services. You can provide detailed information about your offerings, including features, pricing, and any other relevant details that potential customers would want to know.

7. As a vendor, you'll have the ability to manage your software listings, update information, respond to user reviews and inquiries, and run promotional campaigns through the platform.

Why Collect and Analyze GetApp Reviews?

Collecting and analyzing GetApp reviews can offer several benefits to businesses that provide software solutions. Here are some reasons why businesses should consider collecting and analyzing GetApp reviews:

Customer feedback

GetApp reviews provide direct feedback from actual users of the software. This feedback can offer insights into what customers like, dislike, and what improvements they suggest. It's a valuable source of information for understanding the user experience and identifying areas for enhancement.

Product improvement

Businesses can use the feedback from GetApp reviews to identify areas where their software might be falling short or not meeting user expectations. This information can guide product development and improvements, helping the business create a better product that aligns with user needs.

Feature prioritization

Reviews often mention specific features or functionalities that users find important or lacking. This can help businesses prioritize which features to develop or enhance based on user demand.

Competitive analysis

By analyzing reviews of competitors' products, businesses can gain insights into what features are resonating with users in the market. This can help inform their own product development, marketing, and positioning strategies.

Data-driven decision making

Analyzing a large volume of reviews can provide actionable insights that inform strategic decisions related to product development, marketing, customer support, and more.

Analyzing GetApp Reviews with Essense

Regularly monitoring and analyzing GetApp reviews can help SaaS companies get a better understanding of customer pain points, improve their positioning, and prioritize product enhancements. 

With Essense, you can analyze your GetApp reviews in just one click. Link your GetApp profile to your Essense account and reap the benefits of AI-powered feedback analysis. You can analyze multiple sources at once, set up automated reports, and try Essense for free at essense.io

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